Maintenance Free Roofing Installation in Tacoma

The purchase of a home is one of the most important material investments a person or family will make in a lifetime. Protecting that investment is vital in order to maintain its value. Of course, over time there will be repairs that need to be done and upgrades to be completed and even major renovation projects that will most likely be started and hopefully finished. If the home is equipped with a traditional shingled roof, one of the most dreaded yet necessary projects that may be needed is having the roof replaced. It is a recurring cost that seemingly increases each time it needs to be maintained. Unless of course, the home owner chooses to install a complete virtually maintenance free roofing installation in Tacoma.

Tacoma Maintenance Free Roofing InstallationA lifetime metal shake roofing system will give the appearance of a real hand-split wood shake roof without the costs, mess and hassle of the maintenance. This environmentally aware product can be installed over existing roofing eliminating the need to put unfriendly materials into a landfill.

Being able to stand up to winds of up to 110mph and being fireproof may not only reduce insurance premiums, it will also keep your family warm, dry and safe from extreme inclement weather.

Metal shake roofing is a cost effective and extremely durable option for those looking to upgrade or replace a current roofing system.

When you are in the market for maintenance free roofing installation in Tacoma, there is no doubt you can rely on our roofing experts at State Roofing. If you would like more information on our exclusive lifetime metal shake roofing system, give our knowledgeable staff at State Roofing a call today at (206)452-0274. This is truly the last roof your home will need!

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Do I Really Need New Vinyl Windows?

window replacement in MonroeSometimes it can be difficult to choose just the right upgrade to add value to your residence. Often, homeowners are on a fixed budget and are able to complete only one project from the numerous possibilities available. State Roofing has supplied window replacement in Monroe and surrounding areas of Western Washington since 1968. Our local, family-owned business has the necessary experience and knowledge to perform a quality window substitution for a few or for all of your aging windows.

The importance of windows in your home’s comfort is often overlooked. Loose or missing window seals, cracked and broken panes can cause your heating and cooling system to work harder to maintain the coziness of the interior of your home.

New double-paned vinyl windows can keep out more dampness than previously popular single-paned ones and help maintain your home’s temperature. They are visually appealing, never need painting and we custom-make your new windows to the specifications of each window opening. Their increased energy efficiency adds to their cost effectiveness. In addition, new vinyl windows can increase the worth of your home.

Call the experts at State Roofing today at (206)452-0274 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for your window replacement in Monroe. Allow our professionals to remove your inefficient old windows and replace them with beautiful and affordable vinyl windows that will stand the test of time.

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The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Metal Shake Roof

metal roofing in EverettThe need for a roof replacement on your home can be a discouraging discovery, as the potential costs and demolition requirements may be daunting. Several factors must be taken into consideration when your roof has acquired some age, especially when there are evident leaks and shingles which are curling. Allow the professionals at State Roofing to explain the benefits of investing in a metal shake roof. We have been in business since 1968 and are proven contractors with installation of metal roofing in Everett.

Metal roofing in general, and metal shake roofs in particular, are constructed of extremely durable steel. There are a number of reasons to think about this type of new roof for your home, including:

  1. Visual appeal – Metal shake roofing has the look and texture of wooden shakes and is a very attractive roofing option. Metal shakes also come in a wide variety of colors that are fade-resistant.
  2. Ease of installation – When State Roofing installs a metal shake roof, there is no need for messy demolition of your old roof, as the new shakes can be fastened over your existing surface. This reduces labor costs and significantly reduces the amount of time needed for putting your new roof in place.
  3. Longevity – Metal shake roofing is a long-lasting roofing material option with available lifetime warranties.

You can increase the value of your home with a visually appealing and versatile metal shake roof, call State Roofing at (206) 452-0274. After carefully measuring and evaluating your current roof, we will provide you with a free estimate for metal roofing in Everett.

Trust our family-owned and operated roofing company to supply skilled professionals to install your new metal shake roof.

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Roof Replacement is Often Going to be Cheaper than Deferring the Problem

Roof Replacement in SeattleHomeowners might believe that holding off a roof replacement in Seattle will save them money. A common response is to postpone the service until a later date. Whether it’s a small leak, or a few roof tiles happen to be missing, both signal the need for immediate maintenance attention that should not be ignored.

Long term water damage and more severe issues are expensive and inconvenient as opposed to fixing smaller issues as they are discovered.

Water damage doesn’t just stop at the point where you visually see the water dripping from your roof into your home. Unlike the movies which often portray roof leaks in a comical fashion, dripping down directly from the source, real life leaks have a bad habit of traveling and causing further damage often sight unseen. In fact, most leaks end up causing damage in a location of a home different from where the leak originally penetrated the roof.

Water travels in the easiest path, and when it hits resistance, it travels sideways on flat surfaces before finding a way down. A leak can find its way into walls and framing, creating trapped moisture and cause much more damage beyond your roof. The results include damaged drywall, discoloration, stains, and worst of all, mold. The repair and mold abatement can end up costing far more than imagined in time and finances.

If you would like to learn more, contact State Roofing at (206)452-0274for roof replacement options in Seattle. Before deferring a roofing job contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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Seattle Roof Maintenance is Critical

Seattle Roofing CompanyThere is no question that Seattle sees more than its fair share of rain and humidity in any given year. No surprise that maintaining a home’s roof is critical to homeowners in order to ensure a long lasting and functional structure, and avoid larger and more extensive damage down the road.

Unlike other regions which get a reasonable amount of time to dry out, Seattle’s frequent rains means things stay wet for far longer and are inclined to grow moss. For a home with potential roof leaks, the additional water and precipitation only means internal damage and mold occurring far faster. As a result, identifying roof problems and preventing them far in advance should be a homeowner’s first priority in order to keep your roof looking great and leak-free year round.

Moss is a large concern in our area, as allowing it to grow and spread can result in a full roof replacement and leaks over time. Excessive moss and algae traps moisture which can cause shingles to deteriorate or fall off. State Roofing can help keep your home from being turned into a wet, mossy and soggy mess.

State Roofing keeps our clients dry and safe under solid roofs that are durable and reliable. Since 1968 we have been supplying the Seattle Washington area with quality service and roofs our customers can count on.

Let us help to keep the Seattle rain and drizzle outside where it belongs, instead of creeping inside the attic or damaging structure frame inside the home. We are a family owned and operated business who can handle virtually any roofing system with professionalism and experience.

To learn more about our Seattle Roofing Company, and to contact us to schedule your consultation today, please contact (206)452-0274.

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Summer Roof Inspections can Equal Big Benefits – Most homeowners may not initially consider contacting a roofing company during the summer months if your roof is not seeing any immediate signs of damage. Lance Smith, the owner of State Roofing, outlines the importance and benefits of summer roof inspections..



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Bothell Roofing Installation Services

Bothell roofersThe summer months are the best time to check up on your roof’s condition and facilitate any roofing projects needed. With a much needed break from the dark and stormy weather, a professional Bothell roofer’s service can help ensure that your roof will protect your home and property for many years to come.

The summer season provides the best time as the lighter days are longer, for a professional to examine for any leaks or damage that you may not be aware of.

As our Washington summers most often provide light all day and later into the evening, a professional technician will be able to visually inspect any issues that may be present. Small roof leaks can go unnoticed for a long time as not many homeowners are inclined to crawl up on their roofs themselves to determine if there is an issue.

A full roof replacement can be expensive and it is always better to catch smaller leaks quickly before it becomes a larger issue in the colder and rainier months.

State Roofing has professionally and successfully installed over 50,000 roof projects since 1968. If you are in need of a recommended summer roofing installation service, and are seeking quality Bothell roofers, please contact State Roofing at (800)810-7305 for affordable and qualified service you can count on. We stand by our workmanship and know you will be satisfied.

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Prevent Roofs from Becoming Mossy Messes with These 3 Tips

Home Roof Repair Lynnwood, WA Moss growth on rooftops may appear innocent, but it can be extremely damaging. Excessive moss and algae growth can cause moisture to buildup that compromises the structure of the roof or cause the shingles to fall off. Preventing moss growth on your home helps to keep the structure solid and prevent more severe problems in the future. The following are some ways people in the Pacific Northwest, including the Lynnwood, Washington area, prevent moss growth on their roof.

Install Shingles that Have Been Chemically Treated: Some roofing shingles have been chemically treated to be resistant to moss growth. Installing these types of shingles may prevent the moss from growing in excessive amounts on the roof.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed: Moss typically grows in cold, damp areas that are in the shade. Tree branches that hang over a roof provide the perfect place for moss to grow, as they keep the area shaded. Homeowners should regularly trim tree branches and keep them away from the roof, as this will allow the roof to get more exposure to sunlight.

Install Metal Roofing: Installing metal roofing is the best bet to virtually eliminate moss growth. This happens because the metal material is too sleek and smooth to give moss a solid area to grow.

If you are interested in preventing moss growth on your home and would like to learn more about our Roofing Company in Snohomish County, contact State Roofing at 206-452-0274.

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What are the Siding Options for Homes in Seattle?

What are the Siding Options for Homes in Seattle?If you are in the process of remodeling the exterior of your home, there are several siding options to choose from. The siding of any home is responsible for protecting the structure and the interior from the elements, so it is important to choose the type of siding that provides the best protection as well as adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. The most common types of siding include vinyl, aluminum and wood, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Vinyl is the most common type of material used for siding in Seattle, primarily because it is the least expensive. Vinyl is available in a wide range of colors, it is durable and does not require extensive maintenance. The primary disadvantage of vinyl siding is that if there is damage to even a small section, you will typically have to replace the entire panel. Vinyl colors may also fade overtime and it is not fireproof.

Aluminum siding is more expensive in cost to vinyl. One of the primary advantages of aluminum is that it is fire resistant. Aluminum can also usually be installed directly over the existing siding, which saves on the cost of labor. Aluminum is prone to dents, especially during strong storms, such as hail storms or high winds. It is easy to maintain and only requires occasional pressure washing to remove the buildup of dirt and dust.

Wood/Engineered Wood
There are a few different material options you can choose from, including cedar shingles, manufactured logs and engineered wood. Engineered wood is the most common type used for siding in Seattle. The product is made with sawdust, shavings and a bonding agent. The planks have the appearance of “real” wood slats or logs, but it is stronger and has a long life expectancy. The wood can either be painted in the factory or you can choose to apply the original painting yourself. Wood is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum and it requires new paint or stain about every 5 to 10 years.

When choosing the new siding for your home, you will need to consider the cost, the maintenance and the durability. It is also important to choose a style that blends well with the style of your home. For example, if you want a traditional, rustic look, wood is the best option; however, if you want a clean, easy to maintain look, aluminum or vinyl could be the best options.

Contact our State Roofing team at 206-452-0274 for more information and to schedule your consultation today.

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Leaves are Falling. Protect Your Home This Winter With Gutter Guards

Seattle Gutter Guards can keep a big mess from forming at your house during the winter by blocking unwanted leaves from clogging your homes gutter system. A clog or leak can cause a lot of damage and problems to your yard and home this winter.

Our gutter guards offer more than just protection from pesky leaves and twigs that clog the entire drain; leaks are another huge problem for your gutters themselves in the winter. State Roofing actually makes the continuous gutter system at your location. Our gutter machine molds each length needed in one continuous piece as opposed to pieced together on site. Our continuous gutters create less risk for leaks and other costly damages. With a Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval, our unique Leaf Terminator gutter guards are proven to help stop blockages from clogging up your drains.

Our gutter guards have been tested to withstand winds that reach 110 MPH and 1,200 pounds of weight per square foot. Our heavy Washington rains can’t get our gutter guards down either; our gutter guards are able to stand over 6 gallons of water per minute per 100 square feet of roof area! Even if you live in high wind advisory areas, these gutter guards are made to withstand the elements, while protecting your home and family. We understand that your house is your home. Not only do our gutter guards work effectively; they also look great and blend in with the overall appearance of your home, allowing us to provide top-notch protection without any unwanted eyesores.

Without the proper protective methods, storms can cause a lot of wear and tear on your home, gutter guards can save you thousands of dollars in potential problems! Get your house ready to withstand the rains this winter with tested and proven Seattle Gutter Guards. Contact us for more information or to set up a consultation with State Roofing at 206-452-0274 or by clicking here.

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