Winter is Just Around the Corner – Do You Need Replacement Windows?

One great way to save some money on your heating bills this winter is with Bellevue Replacement Windows. If your home’s windows are more than 15 years old, it is definitely time to have a professional talk to you about potential energy savings by installing replacement windows.


Familiarizing yourself with the terminology of the window industry will help determine the best value replacement windows for your home:

  • Glazing – the glass used in the windows. A common misconception is that the number of layers is the determining factor of a window’s efficiency rating. The fact is, however, that the coatings and presence of certain substances on or between the glazing determines the U-factor and insulation properties of the window.
  • Gas Fills – usually krypton or argon are used to fill the void between the glazing layers to slow heat transfer. When the seal is broken, the gas leaks and the insulation properties are destroyed.
  • Spacers – placed between layers of glazing. The spacers are designed to improve the insulating properties of a window. Specific materials are used to prevent condensation or heat loss from between the layers.
  • Frame Materials – each window frame material has its advantages and drawbacks. Vinyl windows provide excellent insulation. Vinyl windows are very easy to maintain. Wood windows, while beautiful, require maintenance; and can be affected by moisture content. Fiberglass windows are stable, regarding moisture and temperature, but they can be very expensive. Fiberglass requires virtually no maintenance. Aluminum frames are not terribly good insulators because aluminum is an efficient conductor of heat. This heat conduction will drain heat from your home in winter while absorbing external heat in summer.
  • Low-E – low emissivity; indicates a window’s ability to reflect heat. Windows coated with the thin metallic coat to qualify as Low-E, the windows will absorb less heat from inside your home in winter (or from outside air in summer). 

Cost Benefits 

With the value added to your home and potential energy savings, and rebates (for qualifying windows), replacement windows can be a great option. Ask your Bellevue Replacement Window experts at State Roofing for a full list of specifications and pricing to qualify for federal rebates in 2011.






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