What is a Standing Seam Roof?

Standing Seam Roofs are especially well suited as replacement for tar and gravel and torch-down roofs. The system is comprised of rolled galvanized steel (24 and 26 gauge) and is constructed on-site. With a wide variety of colors, a  Standing Seam Roof is ideal for unique architectural detailing.

Description of Standing Seam Roof

Constructed of a series of interlocking galvanized steel panels that are attached vertically from the ridge of the roof to the eave, a standing seam roof system is suitable in several applications:

Where panels join together, a standing seam is formed above the roof’s surface. The design allows for easy run-off of water. By combining panel widths, seam profiles and rib heights, the system provides a wide range of design options.


Standing Seam Roofing is very popular because:

  • Maintenance — virtually maintenance free, standing seam roof systems will not crack, shrink, erode or perforate
  • Weather Protection — standing seam roofing provides excellent protection from severe weather including; hail, rain and high wind resistance.
  • Safety — will not support combustion or burn
  • Environmentally Friendly —  the metal reflects sunlight which can reduce cooling costs
  • Space — because no additional framing is required to support the standing seam roof system, no head space is lost to framing
  • Quiet — noise reduction equivalent to clay, asphalt or wood

Installation and Cost

The system is fabricated on site and in some cases can be installed over roofs. Standing Seam Roofs are installed quickly and efficiently. With the cost to maintain a standing seam roof being very low, the extended life of your flat or gently sloped roof will eliminate need for repeated re-roofing.

With flexibility in design, standing seam roofing is the perfect answer to all types of roofing configurations. Because every system is constructed on-site, there are no questions as to fit and finish.


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