The Benefits of Trex Decking for Your Seattle Deck

What is Trex?

Trex is a decking material produced from recycled:

  • Plastic bags
  • Pallet Wrapping
  • Waste Wood
  • Hardwood

Designed to look like solid wood, Trex’s ingenious manufacture with recycled plastics has a built-in protection system. The plastic in Trex acts as a barrier that prevents rotting and splintering. A perfect marriage, the wood materials used in Trex protect the plastics from sunlight and UV rays. Becoming more popular in both home construction and commercial applications, Trex will not trap moisture while providing a solid decking material. For Seattle Trex Decking, contact State Roofing.

What are The Benefits of Trex

Immensely  beneficial for private, commercial and public applications, Trex:

  • is not affected by harsh weather conditions
  • does not rot, weaken or deteriorate over extended periods of time
  • is constructed of all non-toxic materials with no preservatives
  • has an amazing grip surface
  • is resistant to moisture, insects and termites
  • is heat resistant, which makes it perfect for pools and spas
  • is environmentally friendly
  • is priced to fit any budget
  • will not shrink or swell
  • does not need to be stained or sealed

What Colors are Available for Trex?


Trex is being used in private, commercial and public applications to construct decking in places like; beaches, national parks, cafes & restaurants and homes. Available in:

  • Gray
  • Mahogany
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Amber
  • Saddle

Are There Different Textures of Trex?

To fit any design aesthetic, Trex is available in several different textures:

  • Tropical Hardwood
  • Wood Grain
  • Smooth
  • Accent

Each texture contains simple patterns to replicate natural pine, timber and various wooden patterns.

How is Trex Maintained?

  • Trex is very simple to maintain.

All exterior building materials require cleaning. Trex recommends a basic cleaning with a composite deck cleaner or combination of soap, hot water and a soft bristle brush. Ideal times to clean are just after installation and then on a semi-annual basis (typically spring or fall is most conducive with the weather). This will help to maintain the beauty of your Trex outdoor living space.

Visit for more detailed Trex cleaning tips.



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