Seattle Roof Maintenance is Critical

Seattle Roofing CompanyThere is no question that Seattle sees more than its fair share of rain and humidity in any given year. No surprise that maintaining a home’s roof is critical to homeowners in order to ensure a long lasting and functional structure, and avoid larger and more extensive damage down the road.

Unlike other regions which get a reasonable amount of time to dry out, Seattle’s frequent rains means things stay wet for far longer and are inclined to grow moss. For a home with potential roof leaks, the additional water and precipitation only means internal damage and mold occurring far faster. As a result, identifying roof problems and preventing them far in advance should be a homeowner’s first priority in order to keep your roof looking great and leak-free year round.

Moss is a large concern in our area, as allowing it to grow and spread can result in a full roof replacement and leaks over time. Excessive moss and algae traps moisture which can cause shingles to deteriorate or fall off. State Roofing can help keep your home from being turned into a wet, mossy and soggy mess.

State Roofing keeps our clients dry and safe under solid roofs that are durable and reliable. Since 1968 we have been supplying the Seattle Washington area with quality service and roofs our customers can count on.

Let us help to keep the Seattle rain and drizzle outside where it belongs, instead of creeping inside the attic or damaging structure frame inside the home. We are a family owned and operated business who can handle virtually any roofing system with professionalism and experience.

To learn more about our Seattle Roofing Company, and to contact us to schedule your consultation today, please contact (206)452-0274.

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