Seattle Metal Roofing: Frequently Asked Questions For Metal Roofs

Seattle Metal Roofing is an extremely durable product and when installed over a solid substrate it will last a lifetime.

There are some misconceptions with metal roofing; so here are some of the realities about metal roofs.

Q.Aren’t metal roofs expensive?

A. When looking at upfront costs, a metal roof does cost more than other materials but considering durability, metal is the best roofing value money can buy.

Q. Aren’t metal roofs really noisy?

A. Actually, no.  It’s a common misconception that metal roofs are noisy.

Q. Isn’t a metal roof hotter and less energy efficient?

A. Metal roofs actually reflect radiant heat, so they do not get as hot as most other roofs.

Q. How long will metal roofs last?

A. A typical metal roof will last between 40-60 years and some metal roofs last well beyond that.

Q. How do metal roofs hold up with high winds?

A. Metal roofing holds up very well in extreme weather, including high winds.  Metal roofs are rated for up to 120 MPH wind gusts, making metal roofs one of the most durable roofs available when it comes to high winds.

Q. Isn’t snow an issue with metal roofs?

A. Actually snow slides off of metal roofs better than other roofing materials.

Q. Can’t hail damage the metal roof?

A. Hail can result in minor dents, but it will not tear and break like some other roofing materials.

Q. Is a metal roof green?  How sustainable is the metal roofing?

A. Oftentimes metal roofing can be installed over an asphalt shingle roof, which helps reduce the amount of asphalt being dumped in our land fills each year.  Metal roofs also help reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool your home, which keeps our planet greener.

Q. Can you walk on a metal roof?

A. As long as you follow the proper safety precautions, a metal roof is just as safe as an asphalt roof.

Q. How heavy is a new metal roof?

A. It’s a misconception that metal roofing is heavier than other roofing materials.  Metal roofing is actually considered a lightweight material, nearly 50% lighter than asphalt.

Q. Can I match my home with the metal roofing style?

A. There are many different metal roofing styles and colors that can match your home and meet your needs.

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