Roof Replacement is Often Going to be Cheaper than Deferring the Problem

Roof Replacement in SeattleHomeowners might believe that holding off a roof replacement in Seattle will save them money. A common response is to postpone the service until a later date. Whether it’s a small leak, or a few roof tiles happen to be missing, both signal the need for immediate maintenance attention that should not be ignored.

Long term water damage and more severe issues are expensive and inconvenient as opposed to fixing smaller issues as they are discovered.

Water damage doesn’t just stop at the point where you visually see the water dripping from your roof into your home. Unlike the movies which often portray roof leaks in a comical fashion, dripping down directly from the source, real life leaks have a bad habit of traveling and causing further damage often sight unseen. In fact, most leaks end up causing damage in a location of a home different from where the leak originally penetrated the roof.

Water travels in the easiest path, and when it hits resistance, it travels sideways on flat surfaces before finding a way down. A leak can find its way into walls and framing, creating trapped moisture and cause much more damage beyond your roof. The results include damaged drywall, discoloration, stains, and worst of all, mold. The repair and mold abatement can end up costing far more than imagined in time and finances.

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