Prevent Roofs from Becoming Mossy Messes with These 3 Tips

Home Roof Repair Lynnwood, WA Moss growth on rooftops may appear innocent, but it can be extremely damaging. Excessive moss and algae growth can cause moisture to buildup that compromises the structure of the roof or cause the shingles to fall off. Preventing moss growth on your home helps to keep the structure solid and prevent more severe problems in the future. The following are some ways people in the Pacific Northwest, including the Lynnwood, Washington area, prevent moss growth on their roof.

Install Shingles that Have Been Chemically Treated: Some roofing shingles have been chemically treated to be resistant to moss growth. Installing these types of shingles may prevent the moss from growing in excessive amounts on the roof.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed: Moss typically grows in cold, damp areas that are in the shade. Tree branches that hang over a roof provide the perfect place for moss to grow, as they keep the area shaded. Homeowners should regularly trim tree branches and keep them away from the roof, as this will allow the roof to get more exposure to sunlight.

Install Metal Roofing: Installing metal roofing is the best bet to virtually eliminate moss growth. This happens because the metal material is too sleek and smooth to give moss a solid area to grow.

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