Need A New Roof?

Seattle-Roofing-ContractorsYears of exposure to the elements can cause wear and tear on your roofing structure that will require roof replacement by your local Seattle Roofers. Evidence of this wear can be seen as peeling and curling of the shingles.

If you are noticing issues with your roof, it is important to have the problem addressed as soon as possible to avoid any permanent damage. Damaged shingles not only look awful, they can lead to water damage to the interior of your home. While it may seem like it’s just the shingles that are worn, in fact the wood underneath might also be damaged. Water can easily flow beneath the curled shingles and seep into your homes structure which can cause extensive damage to both the exterior and the interior of your home.

Check for any number of signs that could indicate potential problems with your roof including missing or damaged shingles, a decrease in the granules on the shingles, split or cracked wooden shingles, growth of moss or mold, stains or leaks on the ceilings, staining in the attic, and streaking on the walls inside your home. If there are any signs of problems during the inspection, your roofing professionals will advise you of the best solutions to address the issues.

Contact your local Seattle Roofers, State Roofing at the first sign of problems with your roof to schedule a free consultation. A well installed roof will mean your home is safe and dry for years to come. You can reach us at 206-452-0274 or online by clicking here.

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