Is It Time To Get New Gutters?

Day after day, week after week and year after year your Seattle Rain Gutters protect your home from water rushing off your roof and damaging your landscaping, walks or even your foundation. They are silent sentinels that are on the job during blowing wind gusts, pelting sleet, expanding and contracting ice and scorching sun. It’s a wonder they do not need to be replaced each year. When they do need replacing, contact State Roofing at 1-800-810-7305. We are a full service roofing, window and gutter replacement company.

Signs That Gutters Need Replacement

There are several reasons to Replace Your Gutters, following are the top six:

  1. Take a walk along the perimeter of your home. Inspect the walls and fascia. If you notice mold or water stains, it is an indication that your gutters are no longer doing the job they were designed for.
  2. On that same walk, inspect the gutters. If they are coated in rust or rusted through in places that is reason enough to call us at State Roofing for a no obligation estimate on gutter replacement.
  3. Inspect your landscaping; after a storm  do you see your mulch or soil riddled with channels carved by water. If so, your rain gutters are not protecting your foundation as they were designed to do.
  4. Large puddles of water near your home following a storm are another indication of potentially failing gutters.
  5. Rain gutter systems that are missing sections of gutters or downspouts generally mean that your existing system had served its useful life and should be replaced.
  6. Sway sections of gutters and downspouts due to popped nails are a serious clue to considering a new gutter installation.

The importance of sound Gutters cannot be over emphasized. Gutters protect your roof from rain water when working properly by allowing the water to easily exit. It products the walls and fascia of your house by catching water from the roof and directing it away from exposed areas of the walls. It protects your home’s landscaping by discharging the water from the downspouts in such as way as to allow it to drain away from landscaping. Most importantly, gutters protect your home’s foundation by directing water away from it and helping to prevent erosion.

If you see any of the six signs of the need for new gutters call State Roofing at 1-800-810-7305 for a free no cost consultation.

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