Gutter Protection

As fall approaches and the trees start to turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange, many Seattle Homeowners are unable to enjoy the season as much as they should because they find themselves dreading the inevitable task of cleaning those beautiful leaves out of their gutters. Sadly, without the right Gutter Protection, those beautiful falling leaves can lead to a tremendous amount of debris in the gutters, which can create serious problems when heavy rains or snow hit. The same thing happens in the summer and spring when the trees lose their seeds and buds.

Cleaning those gutters once they are filled with debris is not only tedious, but also potentially dangerous. You have to use a ladder to access these hard to reach areas, and falls leading to serious injury are common. Sometimes, you have to pay someone else to do the task, and that expense year after year begins to add up.

A far better option is to avoid the problem altogether by installing proper Seattle Gutter Protection that prevents the leaves and other debris from falling into the gutters. With a leaf protection gutter guard installed by the expert team at State Roofing, you can once again enjoy the fall colors without the dread of the gutter cleaning task. Not only that, but you can protect your home and roof from the dangers of gutters that do not flow properly,

Our leaf protection gutter guard, the Leaf Terminator, earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for its proven performance. It can handle up to 1200 pounds per square inch and withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour. While it readily lets water through, it helps keep debris from into the gutters.

With our help and the installation of this proven gutter guard, you can count on The Leaf Terminator gutter guard to perform as promised even in high wind zones. Whether you are spending money paying someone else to do this task or are taking on the risk yourself, you can avoid it altogether with the right system. Call Seattle State Roofing today to learn more about how we can help protect your Gutters (866) ROOF-ROOF.


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