Advantages of Vinyl Siding Installed by Seattle Siding Experts

Whether you are building a new home or considering upgrading your existing ‘castle’, one of the best investments you can make is in vinyl siding. In today’s market, when any advantage is appreciated, this is certainly an investment worth considering! With a multitude of benefits beyond resale potential, vinyl siding has become one of the market’s leading exterior finishes.


Vinyl siding, especially that provided and installed by Seattle Siding Experts carries a lifetime limited warranty. Vinyl can withstand most weather conditions, regardless of severity; and is fade resistant. This durability ensures many trouble free years for any homeowner.


Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free; requiring only occasional washing (1-2 times per year).


The initial investment on vinyl siding varies according to:

  • Quality of siding
  • Size of home
  • Architectural details of home
  • Trim required

While your installation may seem pricey, consider that this is a virtually permanent finish. Additionally, depending on the siding installed, an whether you include insulation, you can also save money on energy bills with increased R-factor.


Even with vinyl siding’s growing popularity, with so many profiles, colors and finishes available, your home will be unique! By washing as specified by the manufacturer, your home will continue to look fresh. Contracting your Seattle Vinyl Siding Expert is easy with State Roofing, we’ll insure a job well done and continued service for the life of your vinyl!



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