5 Benefits of Seattle Rubber Roofing in Bellevue Kirkland, Bothell and Everett

What to do with all those tires? How about roofing your house with them? Now that’s a green solution! Whatever your roofing needs, Seattle Rubber Shake Roof and Seattle Rubber Slate Roofing can provide you with great options. If you are in the research stages of deciding which type roof you want to have installed, take a look at a few solid benefits of opting for Rubber Shake or Rubber Slate Roofing…

  1. Pricing — guaranteed for 50 years. The perfect solution for those who want the classic look of a wood roof, but not the problems associated with wood such as rotting, curling, cracking, mold, discoloration and added weight associated with moisture absorption.
  2. A Hot 50 Product — Euroshield Roofing Products were selected by Green Builder Media as one of Green Builder’s Hot 50 Products of 2011.
  3. Green Roofing — The major ingredient in EuroSlate™, EuroShake™ and EuroTile™ is recycled tire rubber. On average, 800 tires are used in the production of material required to cover a single residential home. Old tires are one of the most significant, and highly visible, sources of waste material generated today.
  4. Installation — Rubber Roofing comes in 3 foot wide panels which lock down at the butt edge to the course of roofing below and fit into each other as you work your way across the roof, assuring a secure, weatherproof layer of protection against the elements.
  5. Durability – with a warranty of 50 years, rubber roofing products are extremely sturdy and strong. Even during installation, there is no fear of damage if the shingles are walked on or dropped.

Any of the stated benefits could be more than enough to convince the eco-savvy consumer to opt for Seattle Rubber Shake or Rubber Slate Roofing. Considering all the benefits— it might even be tempting to change out a roof whether it needs it or not!


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